The Big Cheese - A Big, Tasty Event

The Big Cheese - A Big, Tasty Event

Our cheese departments carry hundreds of cheese—all of them good, all of them different from one another. Like the adage goes, “You never know till you try.” Your favorite cheese may be in our cheese case, patiently waiting for you to taste it.

Don’t let good cheeses go undiscovered. Embrace your inner cheesemonger and join us for our annual ‘Big Cheese’ tastings this fall. Sample dozens of cheeses from our favorite artisans. Explore all the grassy, pungent, earthy, and sharp notes our cheese departments have to offer. Chat with the experts about cheese styles, aging length, pairing ideas, and any other cheesy thoughts that are on your mind.

Sunset’s cheese tastings are totally free and open to all. Here’s the schedule:

Highland Park: Saturday, October 7th
Libertyville: Saturday, October 21st
Lake Forest: Saturday, October 28th
Northbrook: Saturday, November 4th
Long Grove: Saturday, November 11th

All tastings are 10am-2pm. See you there! 

Big Cheese

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