Hear the buzz? That's Lake Forest Honey by Allen at Sunset Foods



What: Local, All-Natural, and Chemical-Free Lake Forest Honey by Allen
Where: Sunset Foods’ Lake Forest store

Sunset Foods is proud to announce that it now sells Lake Forest Honey by Allen, and that a demonstration by founder Allen Kracower will happen at Sunset Food’s Lake Forest store on Saturday, September 8.

This all-natural and high-quality honey is chemical-free, minimally processed, and made with care right here in Illinois by local nature-lover Allen Kracower. Not only is purchasing a jar of this fantastic, locally-produced honey a great way for anyone to add a little wholesome sweetness to their day, it’s also an easy way contribute to the fight against breast cancer; all of the proceeds from honey sales are given to the Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

Buying Lake Forest Honey by Allen is also a great way to help bees. Allen Kracower is devoted to protecting local bee populations, and he takes great care to produce his honey in a way that will keep his Lake Forest bees safe, happy, and healthy for years to come. Lake Forest Honey by Allen is minimally processed and is chemical-free; though it takes more effort to make honey this way, the difference in the health of the bees and in the quality of the final product is clear. Allen always places his hives away from chemically treated vegetation, and he does not use smoke on his bees when they are producing honey. Allen also does not treat his bees with chemicals or medications. Such practices improve the health of the bees and help keep unwanted flavors from getting into the honey.

Lake Forest Honey by Allen is minimally processed, which increases its nutritional value and overall quality. Allen doesn’t pasteurize his honey; instead he heats it gently and filters it minimally. Consequently, Lake Forest Honey by Allen retains more healthful nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals than more heavily processed honey. The minimal filtration of Lake Forest Honey by Allen also helps it retain more natural pollen grains, and consuming pollen from honey may reduce unpleasant seasonal allergy symptoms and could even help treat asthma. The nutrients and beneficial compounds in Lake Forest Honey by Allen make it a smarter alternative to more refined sugars.

When it comes to honey, local can’t be beat. With this in mind, Sunset invites all its customers to pick up a hand-packed jar of Lake Forest Honey by Allen and to taste the best that Lake Forest has to offer.

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Annual Hatch Chile Fest's event schedule

IMG 2029

The annual Hatch Chile harvest in New Mexico is right around the corner - which means so is our Hatch Chile Fest!

These world-famous green chiles have an unmatched flame-roasted flavor and are known for their well-balanced spiciness. They're only available a few weeks each year, and we're making the most of it with a mouth-watering, taste bud-tingling event. During our Hatch Chile Fest, we're turning up the heat throughout all our departments as our chefs incorporate these chiles into special dishes throughout the store - plus, we'll roast them on-site for you at each of our locations!

The Hatch Chile season is short, so save the date and we'll see you there!

Northbrook: Thursday, August 16 from 2 - 5 p.m.
Lake Forest: Friday, August 17 from 2 - 5 p.m.
Long Grove and Libertyville: Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Highland Park: Sunday, August 19 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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