Savory Italian-Style Sausage Skewers

Italian Sausage Skewers

Sausages are easy to throw on the grill and are always a crowd pleaser, but instead of the traditional sausage on a bun again, why not try something a little more sophisticated?  Serve these tasty sausage skewers as appetizers at your next summer barbeque, or just get the whole family involved for tonight’s dinner by letting them build their own skewers.  They don’t take much time or effort to assemble, but they’re stacked with gorgeous colors and bold flavors, from savory sausage, sundried tomato, and tortellini to soft bocconcini and fresh basil.  Delizioso!

This week’s recipe: Savory Italian-Style Sausage Skewers

Why we like it:

The elements of these Italian-style skewers combine deliciously, but you can customize the ingredients for picky eaters or just to add some of your own favorite foods. If you’re feeling creative, you could even try coming up with your own combination using any of Big Fork’s tasty bacon sausage varieties, which we’ll be sampling at our Long Grove location this Saturday, June 7th, and next Saturday at our Northbrook store as our Thrill of the Grill event continues!

Big Fork specializes in quality sausages made with all-natural pork and nitrite-free hardwood smoked bacon.  Their hogs are raised locally by independent farmers in the Midwest, and their sausages are processed and made without MSG, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial colors or flavors. With simple ingredients like sea salt and brown sugar combined with the delicious taste of bacon, Big Fork sausages are a must-have this BBQ season.


1 package (4 links) Big Fork Bacon Sausage (like Cracked Black Pepper or Portabella Mushroom)

10 oz. package fresh tortellini

10 sundried tomatoes in oil

20 large basil leaves

20 bocconcini (baby mozzarella)

20 small wooden skewers

Grill your sausages until cooked through and then set them aside to cool while you prepare the rest of the ingredients for your skewers.

Grilling the sausages

Add your tortellini to a saucepan of boiling water and cook until slightly softened, but still firm.  Because you are placing them on a skewer you don’t want them overcooked.

Cooking the tortellini

Drain and rinse tortellini in cold water to stop the cooking process.  Set them aside.

Draining the cooked tortellini

Slice your sundried tomatoes in half.  You can use grape or cherry tomatoes if you don’t prefer the taste of sundried.

Chopped sundried tomatoes

When your sausages have cooled, cut them into slices about ½-inch thick (you should be able to get 4-5 slices per sausage).  Slice them at a bit of an angle to give them an extra finesse.

Slicing the sausage

Have the rest of your ingredients ready so you can prepare all the skewers at once.  Set out your boconccini and fresh basil leaves, along with your sausage slices, sundried tomatoes, tortellini, and your toothpicks/skewers, of course!

All of the ingredients ready to be skewered

Start by adding a sausage slice to the skewer, followed by sundried tomato, tortellini, a basil leaf, and your bocconcini.

Assembling the skewers

You can assemble your skewers so they stand upright on the plate or so they lie flat on it.  Choose whichever method you like best!

Skewers at different angles

Buon appetito!

Completed sausage skewers

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