New Bakery Products from France



The shipment from France has now arrived!  We are delighted to offer these new products in our bakery. These delicious high quality confections make for a great indulgence or food gift as a perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for a sweets lover or Francophile!

Le Chocolatier Sablais Nougat Dominoes: These delightful chocolate-covered honey and almond squares are crafted using the finest quality chocolate, with pure cocoa butter. In France, these candies are a Christmas tradition, akin to the more familiar Italian torrone. A mouthwatering blend of sweetness and crunch, they are a real treat for your taste buds.

Michael Chatillon's Florentins: Originating as a tribute to the Medici family from Florence, these cookies combine chocolate, butter, orange zest, and almonds, resulting in a luxurious and irresistible treat. While they are a great choice for housewarming gifts, there's no harm in keeping a box (or two) for yourself to savor.

Francois Doucet Pates de Fruits: Straight from the heart of Provence, these pates de fruits offer a true taste of French tradition. Available in a variety of single flavors or as a variety pack, these confections are made with real fruit, completely free from artificial ingredients or flavorings. The authenticity of these treats shines through in every bite.

These holiday delicacies will be available on the holiday table in our bakery department. Whether you are looking for a gift or stocking stuffer, or want to treat yourself to the flavors of France, we can't wait to share these flavors of France with you!


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