Exciting Changes are Coming to Sunset!

The Sunset family is thrilled to announce that we’re transitioning to a new primary distributor. We’ve partnered with SUPERVALU, a national wholesale distributor with a 140-year history of innovation. SUPERVALU is a true leader in the grocery industry, and we cannot wait to take advantage of their tremendous selection of products.

Rest assured, all the things that make Sunset special are not changing. This includes our commitment to carrying hyper-local, unique food products and specialty items. What will be new are hundreds of high-quality, affordable private label products sold under the Wild Harvest and Culinary Circle labels—brands which are already well-known to many Chicago shoppers.

We wholeheartedly believe the choice to switch to SUPERVALU is best for Sunset shoppers, and we’ve very excited for the changes that lie ahead. Shoppers can expect to see new products appearing on shelves soon!

Supervalu Wild Harvest brand refresh


We're particularly excited about Wild Harvest products. Wild Harvest is a “free from” label, meaning it does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. No more perusing labels for ingredients you’d prefer to avoid. The Wild Harvest line does the scrutiny work for you. You can trust everything with a Wild Harvest label came from nature, not a laboratory. 

There are over 100 ingredients not allowed in Wild Harvest products. Here's the full list of prohibited ingredients: 

Prohibited ingredients in Wild Harvest products

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