Green Rose Biedermeier Bouquet

Rose and Biedermeier BouquetIn the prime of summer, it would behoove us to share tips about another of nature’s ample wonders – flowers! Not for eating, for admiring. We’ve been giving food a lot of attention – understandably, we are a grocery store after all. But there are many other aspects to entertaining that are equally deserving of time on this blog. Take flowers, for example.

Flowers have the power to set the tone, change one’s mood and complete your room décor. Whether as the focal point, or an accent, flowers radiate positive energy.

In the early 1800s, Austria introduced an arrangement to the world that remains popular to date – the Beidermeier. Once a favorite in noble homes, this arrangement is now commonly relegated to wedding tables and other formal occasions. But we see no reason to bring the Beidermeirer home again. The Florists at Sunset Foods will walk you through the steps to replicating this stunner yourself.

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