Hummingbird Torte

A 6-inch scratch made banana cake with juicy pineapple and ...


Coconut Cake

This two-layer white cake has a raspberry filling, is iced ...

round cakes: size

Carrot Cake

Sunset's own recipe, festively iced with cream cheese ...

carrot cake: size

German Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate cake split and filled with toasted ...

german chocolate cake: size

Colossal Cannoli Cake

Three layered chocolate cake filled with cannoli, iced with ...

colossal cannoli: size

Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

A classic chocolate cake iced with chocolate flavored ...


North Shore Chocolate Galore

Rich chocolate cake iced with imported semi-sweet chocolate ...

north shore chocolate galore: size

Raspberry Whipped Cream Cake

A chocolate cake filled with raspberries and raspberry ...


Fruit Fall Whipped Cream Cake

A ½ chocolate, ½ yellow cake filled with custard and fresh ...


Flourless Chocolate Decadence

This rich and dense chocolate cake is a favorite among ...

flourless decadence: size