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Sunset Foods is a neighborhood supermarket dedicated to providing the finest customer service found anywhere.

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Community Rooms

Supporting local organizations is an integral part of Sunset's overall business philosophy. We are pleased to make our community rooms available free-of-charge.

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Produce Partners

Our partners provide fresh, earth-friendly, good to eat, and good for you fruits, salads, and other vegetables.

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Sunset Loves Local

Here at Sunset, we are proud to say that we have been supporting local growers, farmers, and producers for years. Buying local is better for the Midwest, better for the environment, and better for you.

Meet Our Growers


Here at Sunset, we are proud to say that we have been supporting local growers, farmers, and producers for years. Buying local is better for the Midwest, better for the environment, and better for you. Below are some of the great local growers behind much of Sunset’s delicious produce. Without hardworking and dedicated growers like those below, Sunset wouldn’t be what it is today. Next time you visit Sunset, keep an eye out for our signs designating produce and other products as local so you can taste the best that the Midwest has to offer.

Meet Our Growers

Aqua Greens
Grand Rapids, MI
Sprouts are fresh, delicious, and incredibly nutritious, but all not all sprouts are created equal. Aqua Greens sprouts are produced by innovative Pearson Foods and are truly a cut above the rest.
Flamm Orchards
Cobden, IL
The Flamm family has been growing fruit for over 120 years. Located on over 2,000 acres of picturesque Illinois countryside, Flamm Orchards produces some of the area’s most delicious fruit.
Didier Farms
Lincolnshire, IL
Didier Farms recently celebrated its centennial and continues to do things the old-fashioned way to this day. A paragon of Illinois Farming, Didier Farms takes great pride in growing fantastic produce.
Dempze Family
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
The Dempze family has been proudly growing cranberries for Ocean Spray for four generations. Over 100 years since they began, the Dempze family is still as passionate about cranberries as ever.
Miedema Produce
Hudsonville, MI
Customer satisfaction, sustainability, and food safety are top priorities for the Miedemas. Family-owned Miedema Produce continually strives to provide consumers with the freshest, most wholesome produce possible.
Ruhlig Farms
Carleton, MI
The Ruhligs are experts in home-grown produce, and all the diverse produce grown by Ruhlig Farms is hand-packed fresh daily so that it reaches customers in the best possible condition.
Michigan Fine Herbs
Shelbyville, MI
Family-operated Michigan Fine Herbs has been growing certified organic culinary herbs for generations. Herbs from Michigan Fine Herbs have the longest shelf-life possible and are some of the freshest available.
Wonning Melon
Farm Vincennes, IN
The Wonnings have a deep-rooted passion for farming and produce, and Wonning Melon Farm’s perfect growing conditions allow the family to produce some of the highest quality melons in the Midwest.
Michael Farms
Urbana, OH
Michael Farms is dedicated to providing nutritious, high-quality produce that is delicious, safe, and grown responsibly. This family-operated farm has received numerous awards for food quality and their commitment to the environment.
The Herbal Garden
The Herbal Garden has been expertly growing fresh herbs and edible flowers since 1986. The Herbal Garden uses only natural and environmentally-friendly farming methods and is committed to freshness and flavor.
Farmed Here
Chicago, IL
Farmed Here grows their greens in innovative and sustainable urban facilities that conserve water and energy. Farmed Here produce travels only a short distance for sale, making their greens some of the freshest and healthiest on the market.
Melon Acres
Oaktown, IN
Founded by the Horrall family in 1976, Melon Acres grows some of the highest quality and most flavorful melons in the Midwest. Melon Acres’ refreshing and perfectly sweet melons also have a longer shelf life than non-local melons.